Created in 1995, Microbelcaps is a spin-off result of academic research within the Center Wallon de Biologie Industrielle, University of Liege.

The originality of Microbelcaps involves the development of the following:

- Extraction
- Filtration and ultrafitration
- Concentration
- Granulation
- Drying of temperature sensitive products by: spraying, fluidized bed and lyophillisation

Microbelcaps developed in collaboration with the Walloon Center of Industrial Biology, microencapsulation technology products such as:

- Oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3)
- Essential oils
- Microorganisms
- The chemical and pharmaceutical molecules.

It was during 2000 that Microbelcaps in collaboration with the University of Liege and the University Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of Gembloux, began a search through a project of the Walloon Region for the production biotechnological means of natural flavors

In 2005, growing by arrogating Microbelcaps new buildings in the Science Park of Sart-Tilman. This new plant will be mainly restricted to the fluidized bed coating and the preparation of pharmaceutical molecules for direct compression (such as thiamine, ascorbic acid, amino acids, vitamin B6 ...)

With these various technologies developed over several years Microbelcaps is able to provide a variety of products including the fields of applications are very large: food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemicals.


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