I. Application Support and neutracetiques 

1 - Vitamins for direct compression

o Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) to 97% in Thiamine and 3% HPMC
o Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) to 97% and 3% HPMC
o Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 0.1%
o Vitamin C coated with vegetable fat

2 - Microencapsulated Flavor:

Microbelcaps makes a spray microencapsulation of various essential oils, oleoresins, alcoholates, herbal and natural identical molecules.

List of flavors

o Aroma Vanilla
o Lemon scent
o Aroma Mint
o Aroma of apple
o Orange flavor
o Aroma mango
o Aroma Cola
o Aroma of hazelnut
o Aroma Yogurt

3 - Oil rich in Omega 3 microencapsulated resistant in acidic and basic

Microencapsulation of an oily product (U.S. Patent) rich in EPA (écosapentonique acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid by enteric polymer is beneficial to human health including the prevention of heart disease.

o fish oil microencapsulated
o Microencapsulated Borage Oil
o Linseed microencapsulated
o Olive oil microencapsulated

4 - Coated Microorganisms:

These are found in nature, identified by our researchers who coat at the microscopic level to rise, for example, their resistance to different pH and

A - micrencapsulés lactic acid bacteria by a gastro-polymer and / or fat plant:

o Lactobacillus. casei
o Lactobacillus. Acidophilus,
o Lactobacillus Bulgarius
o Lactobacillus.Rhamnosus,
o Bifidobacterium. Infantis
o Streptococcus. Thermophilic
o Lactobacillus plantarum
o Lactococcus lactis

B-type bacteria Bacillus sp microencapsulated

5 - Papain

liquid. It has a high degree of purity and activity (from 6000 to 48,000 units papain).

A-pure papain powder
o Papain Powder 800 TU / mg

B-papain powder mixed.
o Papain powder 100TU/mg
o Papain Powder 400 TU / mg
o Papain Powder 580 TU / mg

C-Liquid Papain
o Papain liquid 100 TU / mg
o Liquid Papain 200 TU / mg

- Papain Enrobée

MICROBELCAPS also provides papain and coated formulations to specific customer demand for very specific applications

6-Solids solids fermented papaya

Microbelcaps occurs between other a dry fermented papaya. This product comes in different formulations and in particular with the addition of natural aroma

o fermented papaya extract pure
o Extract from fermented papaya flavored
o fermented papaya extract standard
o Extract from fermented papaya flavored standard


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